Who Is Fabulous?

Having worked in the public relations industry helping businesses promote, market and brand themselves, Eleni gained the knowledge she needed to teach traditional and new media strategies to small businesses. Her robust background in writing, research, branding, social media, special events, public affairs and marketing communications is growing wider every day.

"The key to staying motivated at being a successful young professional is being actively involved in my community and the things that matter most, fitness, family and fun." Contact her at emoutsias@fabulouspr.ca.

-Eleni Moutsias, President of Fabulous PR

In 2009 Eleni welcomed Stephanie Bailey-Fletcher of Toronto, Canada to the Fabulous PR team as the Associate Creative Director. Stephanie graduated from the Humber College in May of 2009 with an advanced diploma in Public Relations.

While obtaining her education, Stephanie volunteered with Great Constantine, clothing designers for L’Oreal Fashion Week 2007.

"I was exposed to all aspects of the production and preparation of the fashion show. I contributed my skills in casting the models, assisting in the set design and working the show room."

Stephanie is dedicated to seeing her clients succeed. Stephanie provides creative services from a business point to marketing planning. Stephanie’s commitment to progressive and effective creative solutions will win her awards but most importantly win client satisfaction. She works with our clients on everything from strategy, concept and execution of traditional and interactive media to business and marketing strategy consultation, achieving the creative services desired. Contact her at sbailey@fabulouspr.ca.

-Stephanie Bailey Fletcher, Creative Director


In 2010, Fabulous PR welcomed Tanya Goncalves of Toronto, Canada as their Social Media Manager. Tanya is a determined, sassy and motivated young woman who strives to always push further then her goals. Presently she is attending Humber College in the Public Relations program.

Tanya is dedicated to use social media in order to get her enthusiastic messages heard. She strives to make her clients happy, and to get them to think outside the box. Tanya is passionate about cooking, writing, working out and networking. Tanya has worked for LG Fashion Week, Sheena’s Place and Magen Boys Entertainment. Contact her at tgoncalves@fabulouspr.ca.

-Tanya Goncalves, Social Media Manager